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Friday, May 28, 2010

Puff is enjoying his summer days

Puff is enjoying the summer days.I have been taking him outside every afternoon and he really enjoys these outings. He loves to watch the world around him from my shoulder.He is taking in all the sun he can get and his color is really coming in nicely.He has been eating very well.Today I observed him sitting on top of the rocks in the waterfall and he fell off into the water.I laughed and he looked at me as if to say that was what I wanted to do,so don't laugh at me.He climbed out of the water and went up on his basking log to get warmed up after his cool splash incident.I just love Puff,he has such a great personality.I have been singing to Puff every day and he really seems to enjoy it.He closes his eyes and if I stop singing to him,he opens his eyes and gives me the look. Don't stop!so I continue to sing to him and he closes his eyes again.I have really enjoyed having Puff.Bearded Dragons are such wonderful little creatures.Puff is a member of my family and I love him dearly!The Reptile Show is coming to Tucson in September and I can't miss it this time.Maybe I will find some new things to buy for Puff. I will have to get some pictures of Puff so I can show him off.We are not allowed to bring our own critters to the show,so pictures will have to do.It is time for Puff to go to bed now. Good night my beautiful Puff, I love you. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued.................