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Friday, April 30, 2010

Puff has been very active with the hot weather

Puff has been waking early each morning. He is always happy to see me as I pass by his tank during my morning duties, taking care of all the animals.The other day he got so excited when I stopped in front of his tank to say good morning and to turn on his day lighting. He was on the basking log and when I said "good morning Puff" his head went up and he started to go right towards me and walked right off his log and took a header! Went face first into the dirt!He shook off the dirt and looked around to see if any one else saw what he did. It was like he was saying,"I didn't just do that did I?"He looked so embarrassed,poor guy. And I didn't help any as I laughed at his silly antics.I opened the top of the tank and scooped him up and held him close and asked him if he was ok and said I was sorry for laughing at him.I stroked him and he settled down and closed his eyes. I sang to him and we just had nice time cuddling. He is such a sweet Dragon and he has a wonderful personality.He was just so happy that I took a little time to stop what I was doing to say good morning,that he forgot that he was up on his log. Luckily,it was only his pride that was hurt. He has been eating very well.He finished up the pea pods and the cantaloupe and is now eating apples again.I took several black beetles out of his tank when I cleaned it and added some new dirt. I think they were the worms that got away and burrowed down into the dirt before I could catch them.I guess they morphed. Puff spends a lot of time sitting in the waterfall dish.Yesterday he was sitting with just his tail under the water flow. There is some skin that needs to be shed from his tail and I guess he was soaking it for this reason.I have been taking him outside in the sun every day now. He loves to watch the world from my shoulder.I am still pondering the idea of building an outdoor enclosure so he can spend more time basking in the real sun rather that the fake sun light on his tank.I have been singing to Puff almost every day. I know he doesn't understand the words but he really loves to hear my voice. I do notice that when I sing certain songs like "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "My beautiful Puff",( my own version to the tune of "My Bonnie lies over the ocean"),well, he really seems to like them best.I still play the flute for him also and he really likes that.Even the dogs and cats gather around when it's flute time.Puff is a very happy Dragon and so is his Mom!I just love this little Lizard! Who would have thought I could love a Lizard like a member of my family? But Yes I do love my Puff! Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon, To be continued........................

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Puff is now eating snow pea pods

Puff has been waking earlier these days. It has been quite warm outside,85 degrees to day.I have been taking Puff outside and sitting in the sun with him on my shoulder. He loves to watch the birds and small lizards on the fences.He looks all around and listens to the sounds of the day.He really enjoys being outside. I am thinking about building him an outdoor enclosure.I have been continuing to try new foods to see what Puff will eat. I have discovered that he likes snow pea pods. I cut them into bite size pieces and he scarfs them up.The only "green" things he will eat are peas,carrot tops and snow pea pods. He has a sweet tooth as he loves cantaloupe melon,apples,and bananas.I bought him a pare and I will try this sometime this week.I am waiting for the price of honeydew melons to come down and then I will try that also.Puff has been sitting in the waterfall dish a lot. He really seems to like it. The other day he pooped in the water and I had to drain the water and clean every thing and set it up again.What a job! But it's worth it to see how much he enjoys it.Last night Puff went to sleep before I fed him and did not wake up to get his dinner. This morning,I fed him some banana for breakfast and he scarfed that. Tonight,he ate some apple pieces and 2 crickets and 2 worms. He has been eating very well. I hope he is not getting too fat. I worry about that as I want to keep him healthy.I turned out the lights late tonight as I got busy and forgot the time.Puff was basking on his log and still awake. I turned out the light and sang Puff to sleep. Good night my beautiful Puff,I love you. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon, to be continued.................

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few words from Puff

Hi there! It's Puff on this wonderful April morning.I just finished taking a bath in my water fall dish. My mom made this really cool water dish for me.It's my own private waterfall dish. Some people have a sauna. I have a small private waterfall pond. Any way, I love to soak in it and I can take a drink if I get thirsty. My mom sure knows what I like.Sometimes when I am soaking in the waterfall, my mom will play her flute for me.It is so soothing that it puts me to sleep. She always tells me how much she loves me. I love her too!She has been feeding me all kinds of new things.Mom says I have a sweet tooth.I love bananas,apples,and cantaloupe melon,as well as peas and carrot tops.I really like the sweet things best. Of course she still feeds me crickets and worms along with the sweet treats.I love it when My mom talks to me.She tells me that I am Beautiful,magnificent,gorgeous,and she says that I am the most beautiful Dragon in the whole wide world.She tells me that she is so lucky to have me. I think I am lucky to have her as my mom.She still sings to me and plays her flute for me.I hope that other Dragons have it as wonderful as I do.I have a great life.My mom has given me another log so I can climb up to my waterfall. She keeps my glass house very clean for me.She gives me baths in my own bath tub, with warm water.Soooo nice! She tells me as soon as the weather is really warm,she will take me out side to bask in the sun!For now I have 3 logs to choose from to bask on.I still watch TV from my mom's shoulder and when she strokes me,it feels so good, I fall asleep. My mom is so good to me!Yawn,yawn,I am getting very tired now. It's time for my nap,so I will say good by for now.Yawn,so tired...... Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued...............