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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oscar has a new name

I have chosen a new name for Oscar.It is a name for either a male or female. Her name is now Ryuu. It is Japanese and means "Dragon Spirit". I am using the same technique that I use on the dogs when I have to change a name. I use the old name and the new name together and eventually drop the old name when the animal is used to hearing the new name.It will probably take some time before she gets used to the new name as she really responds to Oscar. The name is so entrenched in her brain as she has been called Oscar for over a year.When I first got Puff, his name was Ritter. He did not respond to it at all ,but he sure knows his name is Puff now.I can call his name from accross the room and his head will come up and he will start climbing the front glass on his tank until I pick him up.Lilo came with her name and I liked it and she responded to it so I just kept the name. Puff,Lilo and Ryuu, The Golden Dragons,to be continued............

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Identity Crisis !!!!!

I Took Oscar aka Oz for his vet check last Friday. Dr. J looked him over and did a fecal exam and I was informed that He was a She?????? I guess I took it for granted that he was a male with the name Oscar.I did think it was odd that he had almost no femoral pores and he was very fat for a male.The 2 bulges under her tail were actually fat pockets and not male organs.... Well SHE is even too fat for a female. She has to loose some weight to remain healthy.She does have a protozoan parasite but was other wise healthy. Dr. J will treat her for the parasite when I bring Puff in for his blood work in July. He did not want to tax her liver because she is ovulating now. I will just keep her in isolation where she has been in the other room,away from Puff and Lilo for now. After she is treated for the parasite,she will be moved into the same room with Puff and Lilo.I now must come up with a female name for her.Not an easy task as she really knows her name as Oscar.........Puff is still hangin' in there. He seems to be doing well. He is eating well and I do think the Alfalfa is helping to make him more comfortable. His eyes are not swelling and he has far less excess fluid in the glands under his arms.I have been taking them all for Sun Walks when the wind is not too bad.Lilo has slowed down eating. I think she is ovulating and she won't eat any greens unless they are dipped in baby food.Last night she ate her greens but would eat only 2 crickets.She only basked for a short time and then dug herself in under her hide and went to sleep. I am a little disappointed that Oscar turned out to be a girl but I do love her and could never part with her.I will still get a new male some time in the future.I really want a super citrus or a snow (white) lucistic. The Golden Dragons,to be continued ............