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Friday, November 18, 2011

Puff is still watching Lilo but she is not acknowledging Him

I have seen Puff watching Lilo sleep. He will sit and stare at her for hours. She just sleeps,or pretends to sleep and refuses to acknowledge him. I wonder if her "female" hormones are at a low level. Maybe that is why she does not lay her infertile eggs and just reabsorbs them. She has never been bred and I think she may have always been sterile.But I will never know for sure as she is past breeding age. Of course so is Puff,past breeding age. I do not want to bring baby dragons into an already over populated reptile world. I would not want any of them to end up unwanted and homeless. There are so many reptiles advertised on Craigslist that people don't want any more.It is sad that People buy these animals and don't really know how to care for them properly,and then dump them when they have lost interest in them.Bearded Dragons are a lot easier to care for than some other reptiles but they still need the proper diet and lighting and temperature grading.They need proper housing and most importantly, they need proper vet care if they become sick or injured. They also need human companionship. They are capable of showing affection to their caretakers.I know this for a fact as both my dragons have cuddled up to me and nuzzled my face and neck,when I am petting them or singing to them.They seem to understand when I tell them they are loved and they do respond to my voice.When I put my hand into the tank,they will climb right up so I can hold them. My dragons love to be held and petted and talked to,and they love for me to sing to them.I don't know if other lizards are like this because I have never had any other kind of lizard. Bearded Dragons are very sociable creatures. Even when I had my snakes, I had some that liked to be held and had a Black Racer that would sit up to get his chin scratched. Reptiles make wonderful pets, but you must be willing to spend the time caring for them and they must be cared for properly.Any pet for that matter must be cared for properly and have human companionship. Kindness goes a long way with animals.I see it every day with the dogs and other animals I have rescued.Puff and Lilo,The Golden Dragons,to be continued............

Scary Moment - Puff's infra red heat bulb exploded !

Last night I finished feeding Puff and had taken him out of the feeding container. I was holding him and singing to him when all of a sudden the infra red light that hangs above the feeding container / "dining room" exploded!It made a loud noise and there was glass every where.Some very tiny shards were in the dog's water bowl,on the floor around Puff's tank and larger shards in the feeding container/dining room.I was about 2 feet away from it when this happened. If Puff was still in the "dining room"and I was still feeding him,he could have been killed!! I would certainly have had glass embedded in my face as I sit right next to the container when feeding him.I think God was looking out for us both!I have never had this happen before but Carla said that she has had it happen to her with a regular light bulb once. I took the exploded bulb back to Petsmart and they replaced it.The manager said that the filament was not affected and it was just the glass that must have had a defect in it. I also called the Exo-Terra company and told them what had happened.These bulbs are made in China.I hope that this never happens to any one else as it was quite scary.Poor Puff did not get his bath last night as it took some time to clean all the glass up and replace the dog's water after cleaning the bowl and sweeping up what was all over the floor. I did mist him and he does enjoy this. I will give him extra time to soak in his bath tonight. Both Lilo and Puff are doing great. They are eating well even though they are Brumating. They seem to wake up for dinner every night.Lilo is sleeping more than Puff. This year he seems to be a little more active although he does sleep all afternoon. They are now eating Mustard and Collard greens rather than just the Bokchoy. They both love the baby food veggies. Lilo gently licks the vegies off of a spoon and Puff attacks the spoon and the veggies.I seem to be able to get them to eat new things by just putting the baby food on the new food. I love you Puff and Lilo!! The Golden Dragon,to be continued..........

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I found a great web site

I stumbled on a great web site for bearded dragons. Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue. Here is the link http://beautifuldragons.com/ The page on nutrition is very good. The pages on there rescues is wonderful. I will definitely keep this one and check it often.Puff and Lilo are doing well. Basking in the morning,long naps in the after noon.They are both eating well.Perhaps, after Brumation ends, I will get to see more of Lilo's personality. She is a very sweet dragon. Puff still observes her on the sly. She has not acknowledged him at all.I hope some day they will be friends? Puff and Lilo, The Golden Dragons, to be continued.