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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Brumation time again

Both the Dragons are starting to Brumate now. They are sleeping most of the day but are eating at night. Puff is still eating well but Lilo is not that interested in food right now.I can get her to eat maybe 2 small pieces of greens and 1 or 2 crickets. She is usually the one who has a great apatite. I think she is not eating well because of still being some what bloated and also because of brumation.They both are still enjoying their Birthday gifts.I need to get a camera.I am missing so many wonderful picture moments.Puff is currently sleeping on his Croc skull.He looks so cute! His whole body was draped on it,with his legs dangling from it earlier but now he is sleeping with his chin resting on it.Lilo is currently sleeping in one of her hides.The one with the hole in the top so she can still get some UV light. I love  my Dragons!!   Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued......................

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puff went to the vet for his check up

Puff saw Dr. J today. Lilo came along for the ride. Puff is doing amazingly well for his age.Dr. J thinks he is actually closer to 15 years of age,rather than the 12 years I thought he was. He is at a good weight and is eating well.He has some minor changes in his spinal column which accounts for his legs getting weaker and his toes knuckling under when he climbs on his perch.Dr. J says it is not bad enough to treat it yet and that Puff is not in any discomfort from it. I have lowered his climbing perch so he can get up on it with out too much trouble. He still has his liver problem but it has not gotten any worse. He is still very alert and active. He will have new blood work done in 6 months from now.Puff has not shown any signs of the tremors he had before I started giving him the vitamin B.I am so glad that he is doing so well. Lilo is not so bloated now.She is starting to show some wrinkles in her skin again. Her weight is up some because she is bloated, but I think she is done with the resorption of her infertile eggs now. Dr.J cut her very long nails so she can't claw me when I pick her up.I am very relieved that both Dragons are doing well. It was a good day. The vet bill was a lot less than I thought it would be.   Puff and Lilo. The Golden Dragons, to be continued.......................