The image in the header is not an image of Puff.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puff is amazingly cute !

Yesterday,as I passed Puff's tank,I saw him standing straight up on his hind legs with his front feet on the glass. He was watching me as I would go back and forth in front of his tank.His head would move in whatever direction I was moving. I just couldn't hold back a chuckle. He looked so cute.He stayed that way for about 15 minutes.Only when I got his dinner ready did he get down on all fours and come over to me to be fed. I got him to eat some Bokchoy and he ate 3 crickets.I had let him out earlier on my bed to explore,but he really did not move around to much. Instead he climbed up on me and went to sleep while I was watching TV.
Carla came and took pictures of Puff on Valentine's Day. I had his tank decorated and it was real cute.Puff is such a sweet dragon.I just love him. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued...................

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Puff is doing better

Puff is eating and pooping regularly now.I have discovered that he likes acorn squash.He is still a pretty picky eater.I finally got the batteries for the vibrating dish, so he has been eating a lot of peas.He has been playing with the Christmas ball. He head butts it and watches it swing back and forth. He has also been in the waterfall, but he doesn't stay in the water long as it is too cold.He prefers to have his bath in his tub with warm water.Yesterday,I saw Puff sitting with his arm around the egg and it was so cute! I really wish I had a camera.That would have made a wonderful picture.It was warm enough today to take Puff for a sun walk. He really enjoyed that.He is shedding the skin on his back again.He has been very active today and yesterday,climbing up on his log and leaping off.I have been singing a new song to him."Where have all the flowers gone",an old folk song and he seems to really enjoy that song. It is also one of my favorites.I used to sing it when I played my guitar many years ago.Well it is time to shut off Puff's lights so he can go to sleep. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued..........