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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Puff loves his waterfall

Puff has been waking up earlier now that it has warmed up again.I bought a new log for Puff and put it up next to his waterfall. He can now get into the dish as he just climbs up on the log and into the waterfall dish.He has slept on top of it several nights. Today he soaked in it for most of the afternoon.He has been eating very well. I purchased some supper worms at Petco last week and there were supposed to be 45 worms in the container but there were only 22. They were the puniest looking worms. About the size of meal worms.I have to feed 3 of them to make 1 of the normal size supper worms that I usually get. Puff grabs all 3 of them at once.I don't think I will purchase the worms there again.I have the crickets set up in a bigger container now,but they still seem to be dying off.Puff's heat lamp burned out again. It lasted less than a month.The last one lasted for 4 months. Pets mart would not replace it as I did not save the receipt.I bought another one and guess what! That one did not work at all. I saved the receipt this time and made the manager test the light this time before leaving the store.This one works. What a pain in the you know what to have to go back up to Pets mart to get another light.Poor Puff had to sleep with his day lamp on all night to keep it warm enough for him that night.Right now Puff is soaking his tail in the waterfall dish. I am getting ready to feed him dinner. Some peas and some apple and some crickets and worms are on the menu for tonight. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued................

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puff has ignored the waterfall

Puff has been sleeping late the last several mornings.When he does wake up, he is active.He has been digging in the dirt a lot, and napping in the afternoon.I had hoped that he would inspect the waterfall I made for him but he has totally ignored it. Tonight,after I fed him and left him to bask for a while,I decided to put him up close to the waterfall to see what he would do.At first he just looked at it. Then he climbed up into it and sat on top of the rocks that conceal the tube that the water comes from.He just sat there for a while. Then he moved his body down into the water and sat in the water.He did not drink any water. The water is not as warm as the water I bathe him in. He then decided to climb out and he climbed up on his basking log.At 10:07pm I turned out the lights for the night and sang Puff to sleep. Good night my beautiful Puff,I love you. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued.................

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Puff has a new waterfall in his glass house

I have been so busy lately that I have not had much time to post here. I think I am all caught up now. Things have been pretty normal with Puff. He has been sleeping a lot because of the bad weather but now that it is warmer,he is much more active.I have not received the pictures from Nick yet.I found a rather large,ugly black beetle drinking out of Puff's water dish today. The worm that Puff dropped the other day must have morphed in to it's beetle stage. I corralled it and tossed it out side as I am not sure Puff should eat that kind of beetle. Puff has been eating very well. Tonight he ate 9 peas, 5 pieces of apple,3 crickets and 2 worms.He finished up the cantaloupe melon yesterday. I finally got the waterfall dish built and test ran it for a week. It works great and looks quite nice. Puff, however has totally ignored it.He is currently in the hide under the waterfall.Now he is coming out of the hide.He went in to the hide on the opposite side of the tank now. He still has not acknowledged the waterfall. Maybe he will check it out tomorrow?I think he is going to sleep for the night.I thought he would be interested in the sound of the running water enough to check it out but alas,he is now asleep.I have turned out the lights and said good night to my beautiful Puff.Tomorrow is another day........I love you Puff. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon to be continued.........................

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Puff is still asleep this morning

Puff is still sleeping this morning. Today is my money day so I will be gone most of the day. I will be leaving about 10:00am and will turn on the lights for Puff.He will have the day to him self to bask or nap or dig or do whatever he wants to do.I will think of my beautiful Puff while I am out. I will be at the pet store buying his food and other things for him. I did some more work on the waterfall dish and hope it will be ready to put into his tank by next week. I am working on a filtering system to keep his water fresh as well as keeping the water constantly moving. Have a nice day Puff and I will see you later, I love you. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued................

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures of Puff in his bath !

Monday morning,Nick came and installed Windows 7 in my computer for me. Puff was awake at 10:00am.He was basking on his log and pooped on the log.I took him out of his tank and put him in his bath so I could clean the mess up. That done, Nick used his camera phone and took some pictures of Puff taking his bath. He also got several shots of me drying him after his bath. I hope to get them up on the blog soon.I was able to remove some of the loose skin around his face and left eye.Puff enjoyed his bath as usual.After holding him for awhile I put him back in the tank and he climbed up on his log to bask. When I fed him dinner,he ate lots of apple and 2 crickets and 2 worms.At 10:00pm,I turned out the lights for the night and sang Puff to sleep.Good night Puff,I love you. Puff The Golden Bearded Dragon,to be continued................