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Monday, March 23, 2015

Eiko's Vet check went very well

This is Puff's shrine

Three Dragons in a row
Eiko has a habit of freaking out and taking a leap out of my hands when I handle him. I am so afraid he will take a death leap on to the floor ,head first. I usually handle him over his tank or take him over to my bed. He can be calm for a few minutes and then just freak out,flailing and leaping.I decided to see if a harness might give me more control and make it easier for Eiko also. I made a harness out of some soft white leather I had and tried it out on him. It worked wonders! I was able to handle Eiko and he was calm.I think it has something to do with having something tight around the body that has a calming effect,sort of like swaddling a baby. Any way it works.I took Eiko in for his vet check and Dr. J was able to do everything he needed to do on Eiko and he was calm the whole time. I brought Ryuu along for moral support for Eiko. He is so in love with her. She also needed her nails trimmed. I left Lilo home as she is still in semi brumation and was sleeping when we left. I will take her in for a vet check when she is no longer in brumation.Eiko checked out healthy and Ryuu got her nails clipped and off we went to go back home. No one pooped on the way there or on the way home. Eiko did poop when I put him back in his tank,but at least he waited until we got home. I am so glad that all my Dragons are healthy. The other day I was changing the water in their dishes,after I fed them and lifted Eiko's dish out to empty it and spotted this weird looking bug that was where the dish had been. Eiko also spotted it and scarfed it up before I could get it.I have no idea what kind of bug it was. It was rounded and had a gray body. Not shiny like a roach but a dull gray color.It was probably something that came in with the last load of crickets I bought and did not see it when I tossed in the bugs for them to eat. It may have been in his tank for a while hiding as there are so many places for the bugs to hide in this tank.I guess it hid out and grew some until It hid under the water dish.I have found crickets under the dish before,but this was something very different. I guess the bug was OK to eat as Eiko is still alive and he seemed to enjoy it as he was chewing and swallowing it all in a matter of seconds. He is fast when it comes to catching bugs.Ashley, my friend is going to take some pictures of the tanks for me on Thursday. She is also going to take a picture the Dragon box that Puff's ashes are in. I love Lilo,Ryuu and Eiko,the Golden Dragons, to be continued............