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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Party

On Saturday,I was invited to a Halloween Birthday party for a 4 year old little neighbor girl. I did not know what I was going to do about the required costume though? Then I thought of the Movie,How To Train Your Dragon. Puff was the one that needed the costume for that theme.I went to the local Craft store,and bought a bunch of stuff to make Dragon Wings.Yes,wings for Puff! I got some felt,pipe cleaners,glitter,glue, and some other things. I also got a coloring book and crayons for the little girl.At first I wasn't sure what to get as a gift for a 4 year old, but I remembered how much I liked to color in my coloring books as a small kid and I know kids can never have too many crayons.I was right,she loved them. Any way,back to Puff's "wings". I finally decided on using the gold leaves and glued 3 of them together for each wing.I put glitter around the border of each wing. I then made a harness out of the felt and pipe cleaners. I then sewed each wing on the harness. When I tried it on Puff, it looked great. Golden Wings for a Golden Dragon!I went to the party as a Dragon Trainer and Puff was the Dragon! The kids loved Puff and lined up to pet him. Even the adults there thought Puff was fantastic. He was so good about having to wear the wings. He just sat up on my shoulder and looked around.At one point,he took a nap. When it started getting dark, ( the party was out side )it was a little cool for Puff. I took him home as I only live next door. I came back to the party and enjoyed dinner and Birthday cake.I had fun, and I think Puff enjoyed it. He did put up with having to wear his "Wings" even though they were probably not very comfortable.He was so good about it. I love Puff so much. He is so special and so very precious! Pictures will be coming some time. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued.................