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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My cooler was not working and it was really HOT!

My cooler was not working on Sunday. It got so hot in the house,almost 110 degrees! Both of the Dragons were soaking in their water containers.A friend finally made it out to see what the problem was.The water pump had burned out. He went to Home Depot and got a new pump and installed it.It took a long time for it to cool down and is still not cooling properly as the "spider"tubes are clogged,and need cleaning.I currently have no phone as I could not get out to pay the bill. I need to go to the bank,but have not heard from Carla.The Dragons were not eating well for several days,but are eating better now. I hope the weather gets cooler soon! It is way too HOT!    Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.............