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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few words from Puff and Lilo on their favorite pass timess

Puff: I love to sit on my Mom's shoulder and go for sun walks. I also love to watch TV with Mom.I love it when she tells me she loves me and that I am so special and so very precious to her. I love my Mom. She tells me the story of when she first saw my picture and fell in love with me.She says that it was love at first sight.I love it when Mom sings to me.Sometime I just don't feel like eating,but when she sings to me,I will eat for her.I also love listening to Opera, Yes Opera! I just love it,and I get so excited when I hear it!I love to eat baby food. Sweet potato and squash are my favorites.I love watching Lilo, but she still ignores me.I think I love her.I also love cantaloupe melon,but my Doc says I can only have small amounts of it,because to much is not good for me.My Mom follows the Doc's advice. My Mom takes such good care of me!I love my Mom!I love my bath.I could sit and soak all day if Mom would let me.I love soaking in my waterfall that Mom made for me. Lilo: I love to sit on my basking log and look Beautiful. My Mom tells me that I am very beautiful.I love it when she tells me this. I love it when Mom tells me she loves me. I love her too.I love to practice jumping like a kangaroo,but Mom tells me not to jump.She is afraid that I will jump right out of the dining room and end up in the dog's water dish with a splash.Mom says that I am hyper active compared to Puff.He is such a mellow fellow. I like Puff but, I like to ignore him.I just don't want him to get too close to me.I love crickets!I love to sleep most of the day and then stay awake most of the night.Mom says I'm Nocturnal.She says that Bearded Dragons are supposed to be diurnal.I like it my way better. Mom says that I am mischievous because I love to make mud pies in my water dish.The more dirt I can get into the water dish the better the mud pies!I also love it when Mom talks to me. I love when she sings to me. I have my own song that she sings to me.Puff has his own song too.I love my Mom!I think I love Puff,but I still don't want him to get close to me. Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued...............

Another light bulb explosion !

I awoke on Easter morning to the infra red light bulb on Puff's tank Burned out......or so I thought..... When I looked closer, I realized that Puff and his basking log and half of his tank was covered in fine pieces of glass.The bulb had exploded during the night.This is the second time that the Exo-Terra brand infra red bulb has exploded.I spent the morning cleaning the glass off of Puff and bathing him.Then I washed the hide and the basking log and replaced half the dirt in the tank. Lucky for Puff, that he was sleeping and had his eyes closed or he would have had glass in his eyes.God was sure looking out for Puff that night.The first time this happened and I called the company,they blew it off saying it had to be something I did.This made me very annoyed as I was not even near the feeding container when that bulb exploded and I had already taken Puff out of it so he was not hurt.They tried to do the same this time but I was sleeping and so was Puff.I told them I could no longer purchase their product as I don't trust it.I don't want this to happen again.Puff could have been injured or killed! I have 5 of these bulbs as I keep extras in case one should burn out,I can replace it right away instead of having to go to the store to get a new bulb. I have only found receipts for 2 of them. So I guess I will be stuck with the others.I will not use them.I am going on my Reptile lists and letting people know about these bulbs and how the Exo-Terra company could care less about their defective light bulbs.Some one might be blinded from the glass of these exploding bulbs.This is a dangerous situation! I hope the company takes this seriously, as they might be sued if some one or some animal is injured! Puff and Lilo, the Golden Dragons, to be continued...............