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Saturday, December 13, 2014

I am decorating the Dragons tanks with Christmas decorations

I am putting the Christmas decorations on the Dragons tanks. I had to make a stocking for Eiko. I tried to find a store bought one for him but could not find one small enough. I had one extra, left over from last Christmas for Ryuu.I am going to get another 40 gallon tank so I can have all 3 tanks set up side by side in the living room,where I can see all of my Dragons.Eiko has grown so much since I got him and has out grown his present tank.He will be 1year old in January.I had my friend Ashley take some pictures of the decorated tanks. They are not as fancy this year as my funds were limited, but I think they look nice any way.Lilo,Ryuu and Eiko,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.............

I have Puff's ashes In a box with a Dragon on top of it.

I picked up Puff's ashes and they were in a tiny plastic bag.Darla,who owns the pet cemetery and crematory,made a card with Puff's foot prints on it. I put his ashes in a box that has a dragon on top of it.There is a very small alcove next to the tank that Puff was in and that is where I have placed the box with his ashes.I am planning to paint the alcove gold and hang a picture of Puff above the box.I have put Puff's special birthday card and the card that Dr. J. sent,and Puff's CD, behind the box. I put the card with his foot prints and his first place ribbon that he won at the Petco Reptile Rally in the box with his ashes. I miss Puff so much............I will get some Pictures of the box as it is very beautiful and unique. Rest in Peace Puff, I love you. The Golden Dragons,to be continued...............