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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lots of stuff comming up

I will be taking Lilo to to the Reptile Rally in October. I will not take Puff as I do not want to stress him. He is so old, but according to Dr. J, He is doing well for such an old Dragon.Also the Dragons will have their Birthday Party in October as well.I will be going to the Reptile Show also and will get Puff and Lilo's birthday presents there.I don't know what I will get them but they have a lot of good stuff for sale there and the prices are good.If Petsmart has a costume contest this year, I will be taking Lilo again.The Dragons are doing well and enjoying life.I am glad that Puff is doing so well as I do worry about him.October is going to be a busy month. I love my Dragons!    Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons, to be continued.............