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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I lost some of my blog posts

I noticed that I have lost some of my blog posts when Nick transferred every thing from the old computer to the new one. I hope I will be able to recover them.I discovered that the posts were lost due to a google "hiccup". They are lost forever.

I got Puff to eat some bokchoy and carrot

I got Puff to eat some bokchoy and some carrot. I had to stick it in the side of his mouth and he did eat it. He hates it when I do this but he will not eat this stuff with out my doing this. I also hate doing that to him.I feel like I am torturing him. I just can't get him to eat greens any other way except peas. He will eat the peas from his vibrating dish but not the bokchoy or carrots or any other green things. I have stopped giving him the melon that he loves as this was giving him an elevated potassium level.He has eaten some sweet potato and some squash on his own but those are not GREENS.Maybe he does not like the color green???He has still not pooped.....He is eating crickets and yesterday he ate 4 of them. Today he has slept all day so I guess he is not going to eat today.I got him to actually drink water yesterday when he was soaking in his bath.I found the pipette undamaged and washed it and put it away where the cats can't get it this time.The weather is cooler today so I guess that is why Puff has slept all day. He did move into a different position but has shown no interest in waking up. I miss him when he sleeps the days away during the winter. I guess I will just have to wait until Spring for him to become active again.I finally got around to hanging the Christmas ball in his tank,but again it may be Spring before he discovers it.He has also shown no interest in his waterfall.He has not discovered the "Dragon egg"that Nick gave him for Christmas either.I hope I don't have to wait till Spring for him to poop!It has been 21 days since he had the first enema and that was the last time he pooped.I don't remember him not pooping for so long last winter. I know the blood test that the vet did said he was healthy,but I still worry about him....... Puff the Golden Dragon, to be continued....................

Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to the Vet again

Back to the vet again!This time Puff had blood work done. He had been eating but not Pooping so the Vet suggested the blood tests.As we waited for the results,Puff suffered the indignity of another enema.Poor Puff! After all that, he still hasn't pooped. But the Vet said that his blood work was very normal except for a slightly elevated potassium level.He thinks this is the reason that Puff's foot twitches on and off.He also thinks that the elevated potassium level is from too much melon.This visit to the vet was very expensive, but I at least I have peace of mind,knowing that he is healthy.He has been eating very well since he came home form the vet.I guess he will eventually poop as what goes in must eventually come out????I got some Bokchoy and am going to see if he will eat that.The pipette that I was using to give him water with disappeared. I think the cats got it.I will have to get another one. Puff is such a picky eater because he was not fed properly by his former owners.I really wish that people would do the research and find out what these animals need before they go out and get one. Bearded Dragons have very specific needs and if they are to live a healthy full life, people need to care for them properly! I try my best but it is very hard to get Puff to eat greens because he was never fed them to begin with.It doesn't help that he has a sweet tooth for things like melon and sweet potato either.I did get him to eat some carrot the other day.I am going to try the Bokchoy in the morning.Puff is already asleep so I will turn off his lights now. Good night Puff,I love you...Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued.....................

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puff had to go to the vet

Poor Puff had to go to the vet on Wednesday.He had not eaten in 7 days and even though he had eaten before that, he had not pooped. I new some thing was wrong because he even refused crickets!I was soaking him in warm water and rubbing his belly but, nothing. We went to the vet and Dr. Jarchow said Puff was constipated. Poor Puff had to suffer the indignity of an enema!He had a uric acid plug that was holding up everything.Dr. Jarchow said that this caused a high phosphorus level to build up in his body and that was the reason his foot was twitching. The conclusion was that Puff needs to drink more water. I thought that I was going to have a big bill but they only charged me for the exam so it was only $50.00.Puff seemed better today and he did eat 3 crickets. I used a pipette (like an eye dropper) to give him some water as he just doesn't drink enough on is own.I am so glad Puff is better. I was so worried.I love this little guy so much. Carla came and took pictures of Puff's tank with all the Christmas decorations on it.I will put them on the blog soon. Puff the Golden Dragon,to be continued............