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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Dragons !

We almost didn't have a birthday party this year. My last cat had to be put to sleep on the 8th of October. That is the Dragon's Birth day date.Pacman was 19 years old and had lived a long and happy life here. I had him cremated so I could keep his ashes. I like to do that for my animals when they pass on. It was a very sad day for me.I wiped out my finances. My friend Johnny lent me some money so I could have the party for the Dragons. He said, that it would probably be Puff's last birthday so we had to have it. We had the party on October !8th. It was indeed special. It was Puff's 16th birthday.Lilo is now 11years and Ryuu will be 2 years in November.Eiko will be 1year old in January, but I celebrate all their birthdays on the same day.It makes things easier for me that way.I did not order a cake this year as I thought it would be less if I just took a cake that was already made. I found out that it cost the same as if I had ordered one.Oh well. The cake I picked out was a white cake with white icing and yellow trim.I had them add some pumpkins in the top corner and had all their names put on it in orange. It was cute, I will order my next one.I got Puff something special, just for him. Since I know he likes opera,I got him a CD of Charlotte Church. I played it for him and he loves it!I got a clear small animal travel ball for all the other Dragons. I am teaching them how to make it go forward. Eiko is the only one I did not have to teach. I put Ryuu in it first and she only went forward a few inches. I then put Eiko in the ball and he took off with it.During the party, I kept Eiko in a tank on the end of the bed. The others were allowed to roam on the bed.Eiko was very interested in the girls.Ryuu has been ignoring him lately.She doesn't even give him a wave any more.Eiko was bobbing and he got near Lilo and was bobbing at her. Ryuu got jealous and bit Lilo on the nose. She told Ryuu,he is mine,you can't have him!Lilo went over to Puff who was sleeping and stayed with him.Puff did wake up towards the end of the party. He decided to take a walk.......right off the bed!The humans had cake and ice cream. The party was fun. My friends Johnny and Pam and Dave were there.Pam took the pictures.