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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Puff's vet check up went great

I took Puff in to see Dr. Jarchow for a check up. He is doing very well and will not need to be seen again until July or August for blood work.I brought Lilo along so Dr. Jarchow could see how well she is doing. Dr. J did a fecal exam on both Dragons and weighed them. They are both at a good weight. Dr. J was quite pleased to see that Lilo was no longer bloated. She is however reabsorbing eggs again.Both Dragons are healthy. Puff is sleeping more these days as he is quite old now.He seems to be more active at night now.Puff is shedding around his face and beard.Lilo just shed most of her head and back and tail.I think she has grown a bit. They both ate well during Brumation. They only missed a couple of their meals.I love you Puff and Lilo.The Golden Dragons, to be continued..............