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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two in the mouth is worth several in the bush !

I have had to get creative in order to get Puff to eat.The other day he actually ate 2 peas and 3 crickets.I used the vibrating dish to get him to eat the peas. It has been at least 1 month since Puff has eaten anything other than insects,so I was quite happy when he ate the peas. Yesterday he was refusing to eat any thing,so I left the dish in his tank on top of the hide where he was basking. I left him alone with 1 worm and 1 disabled cricket (missing it's 2 back legs). I came back 2 hours later to check on him and both the worm and the cricket were gone.He did eat them.Today I did the same with 1 cricket and 1 worm and sat down to watch.He did not eat them and I thought if I talk to him and sing to him,maybe he will eat . I know he doesn't understand the words but he likes to hear my voice so I was telling him about when I adopted him. When I was looking on Craig's List for Bearded Dragons, there was his picture and it was love at first sight.I told Puff,that I just had to have him and I went to D and D Reptile rescue and adopted him.The rest is history. He then ate the cricket. I guess he liked the story of his adoption.I added another cricket to the dish and started to sing to him.He was watching me instead of his food,so I stopped singing and just watched him for a while. Nothing.I decided to start talking to him again.I told him how beautiful he is and how much I love him and he would make me very happy if he would eat the rest of his diner.He looked up at me and he then scarfed up both the worm and cricket in one bite!I not only have a beautiful Dragon,but a talented one also. I wonder what I will have to do tomorrow to get him to eat ? I just have to be more creative,I guess. Puff the Golden Dragon,to be continued...............

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Puff is not eating well

The humidity has been unbearable lately. Puff is not eating well at all. After 3 days of eating nothing and him just sleeping for days, and me worrying, I decided to take as much time as it took to make sure he ate something.It took a little over an hour of me sticking a worm in front of him and singing to him,and talking to him and he finally ate the worm.He is refusing all the other things he likes. I have been doing this for the past 3 days now and have gotten him to eat as much as 2 worms at each feeding. Last night I tried the vibrating dish with apples and peas. He just refused to even look at them. I offered him a worm and let it crawl through the peas and he went for it! I gave him another but he did not go after that one. I turned away for just enough time to turn the TV sound off so I could sing to him and when I looked back again,the worm was gone.That was fast! I gave him another worm and it took awhile but he also ate that one.So last night he ate 3 worms in all.He has not wanted the crickets lately. Maybe I will try one tonight.I find that when he doesn't eat that he sleeps most the next day.When I get him to eat, he will be active the next day.I can't wait until this humidity goes away and I am sure that Puff feels the same. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued.....................