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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October is the Dragons birthday

I have decided that I am not going to have a Birthday party for the Dragons this year. I just can't afford it. I am still in the "Donut Hole,"meaning I have to pay full price for all my Medications now as the insurance company insists that I am over my dollar limit for them to pay their part. I am going to go to the Reptile show and will probably buy something for each Dragon. Something they need.All of the Dragons are doing very well. I have been putting Eiko in the travel ball when I am cleaning his tank. He seems to be the only one who really goes for a walk. Lilo and Ryuu just kind of sit there and occasionally take a step or two.I think Eiko enjoys his walks as he really gets the "ball rolling". I still have not gotten the tiles I need to tile Lilo and Ryuu's tanks. I just have not been able to afford it.I have had to buy 3 new Mercury Vapor bulbs as the others were on their way out.Eiko's actually did burn out.Lilo does not want to eat the super worms so I just give her crickets and occasionally offer her a worm,but she still refuses to eat it. Ryuu will eat any thing you offer her,so I feed her both crickets and worms and she is happy. Eiko will now eat the occasional cricket,but he wants his super worms. I usually toss him a cricket or two and if he eats them, I then feed him more worms and he is happy. If he does not eat the crickets,I take them out of his tank,as he refuses to hunt for them . Some times the Dragons eat their greens and some times they don't. It helps if I put baby food veggies on the greens and then they seem to dig in to the greens. I am still singing to them and they really enjoy that.They climb up as close to me as they can get and listen. I can see their breathing get faster and when I am done singing, they seem to want more. I really enjoy these wonderful lizards. They are so intelligent and sweet.Eiko is getting much better about being handled and he is not trying to jump out of his tank now when I open the top. I love my Dragons. Lilo,Eiko, and Ryuu,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.................