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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Three Dragons in a row

I have finally gotten the new tank and am very happy with it. The way they decorated it is nice. It has a fake rock wall on the back and flag stone and the clay/sand mixture on the bottom and a hide made of flag stone and clay/sand in the right hand corner. I have added Eiko's water dish and his perch from his old tank,which I put on the left side of the tank.I put the cactus that used to be in Puff's tank and and the crocodile scull that was also Puff's by the water dish.I will get pictures soon. Some thing unexpected came up and I needed to spend the money I had for Eiko"s vet check,so I will have to wait until next month.I am not worried about his health as he seems quite healthy,but I always get a health check on a new dragon when it comes in.I still have not caught up financially from the 2 cremations I paid for in November. It is so hard to catch up after several unexpected situations. I have moved Eiko into his new tank in the living room any way. I will just make sure I wash my hands after handling him,before I handle Lilo and Ryuu,which is what I have been doing any way.Johnny helped move the tanks for me and Ryuu is also now set up in the living room. Lilo's tank is on the left,Eiko's tank is in the middle and Ryuu is on the right. I can see all my Dragons now in the same room. Eiko is very happy as he can see both of the girls and he is bobbing to both. Ryuu is bobbing and waving to Eiko,but Lilo,still being in brumation,is not responding to Eiko yet. Eiko has discovered the TV. I have seen him frequently watching it. Puff used to watch TV. Lilo doesn't seem to care about it and I am surprised that Ryuu hasn't discovered it as she is so close to the TV. I love my Dragons. The Golden Dragons,to be continued.............

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am going to take Eiko in to the Vet for a check up

I am taking Eiko to see Dr. J this month,so I can move him into the living room with the others.I have the money now to get his vet check.He has grown so much since I first got him and his color has gotten brighter. He is so pretty. I love his citrus color.Unfortunately, he wasn't handled much before I got him and even though I handle him every day, he still tends to freak out some times. He loves to be petted,but he does not like to be picked up,or held.He will get very nervous when I try to put him in the travel ball,but once he is in the ball,he goes for a walk and does not seem to mind being in it.I think I am going to have to make a harness for him when I take him in to Dr. J. I think that is the only way that he won't be able to get away if he freaks out.I think it will be the safest way to handle him.I will keep trying to get him used to being handled,but he may never really like it.This is kind of sad as all my other Dragons seem to like being handled. I love my Dragons,Lilo,Ryuu, and Eiko,the Golden Dragons,to be continued................

A new glass house for Eiko

I have put $50 on a tank for Eiko. I will give Johnny the rest,$35, next month. The tank should be ready by Friday and Johnny said he would bring it than. I have taken pictures of Puff's old 55 gallon tank and will list it on Craig's list for$30.I took out the clay/sand substrate and mixed it with water and Clorox to disinfect it,and re did the whole inside. It is dry now and there is no more smell of Clorox in it. I should get at least $30 for it.I have started rearranging the tanks in the living room and Lilo's tank is now where Puff's tank used to be.I will put Eiko's new tank between the girls so he can interact with both of them.Ryuu's tank will be at the end and I will move all the stuff off of that end crate, and store it in the front/storage room.I will have all my Dragons in the living room so I can see them all of the time. I still miss Puff,and I think Lilo misses him also.I caught her looking into Puff's tank and trying to find him.She just sat on her perch,staring into his tank for a long time.She finally gave up and climbed down from her perch and went into her hide.Now that the tank is gone,she no longer looks for Puff. I love my Dragons, Lilo,Ryuu and Eiko,the Golden Dragons,to be continued...................