The image in the header is not an image of Puff.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Puff Passed Away

Puff passed away during the night.When I turned off the lights last night, Puff was soaking in his water dish,so I did not want to wake him up moving him out. He has spent many a night soaking so I did not think anything of it when I turned out the lights.When I turned on the lights this morning,I found him still in the water dish but in a different position and I noticed that his head was in the water.I pulled him out and realized he was dead.  I am broken hearted,but I knew it was coming. 16 years is a long life for a Bearded Dragon to live. It is never easy to loose a member of your family,be it a pet or a human.I am so glad I adopted Puff. I loved him and I do think he loved me. When I passed by his tank or called his name, he would try to clime the glass of his tank and refused to stop until I picked him up and cuddled with him for a while.After I would feed the Dragons,I would play Puff's CD for him and I would hold him and stroke him from head to tail and you could almost see the smile on his face.I enjoy and love all my Bearded Dragons,But Puff has always been my favorite. I guess,because he was my first Dragon.I never thought I could love a lizard, but I found out that I did love Puff and I do love my other Dragons,but Puff will always be special to me as long as I live.     Rest in peace Puff, I love you.............To be continued...........