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Friday, July 24, 2015

Super Worms for Eiko

Eiko has not been eating well. For some reason, he has decided that he is tired of eating crickets. Lilo and Ryuu are still very happy eating them and scarf them up every night. Eiko refuses to eat any of them. At one point, I had to force feed him so he would not starve.I decided to try feeding him Super Worms. He scarfed them down in a second.I stopped feeding Super Worms when Puff was still with me. The quality of the worms was not good so I stopped buying them.I am glad I remembered them as force feeding Eiko was not an easy job.He had started to loose weight and I had to do something. He was not even eating his greens. He would just knock over his dish of greens,spreading them all over his tank.What a mess!  He is back to eating his greens and eating the worms. He still won't touch the crickets.I am also giving Lilo and Ryuu some worms with their crickets and they are quite happy with that arrangement. The quality of crickets and super worms at EEO (Ever Evolving Exotics) is superior to the other local pet stores. I feel that if you want to keep your Reptiles healthy,you must feed them healthy food. That is why I keep my cricket  and worm containers clean and make sure that the bugs have clean food and water, and that the worms have clean bedding. The bedding is their food. I don't like bugs, I hate bugs, but I take good care of them so my Dragons stay healthy and happy. All my Dragons are very happy with their food source,especially Eiko.    Lilo, Ryuu, and Eiko,  The Golden Dragons,  to be continued...................