The image in the header is not an image of Puff.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Reptile show was wonderful !

Nick and I went to the reptile show. Carla could not make as she got her flue shot the day before and woke up sick the next day.I saw lots of beautiful Bearded Dragons.Some very colorful.I collected lots of business cards so I will be able to find a breeder when I am ready to get another Bearded Dragon. For now, Puff is my one special and very precious friend and I only want him.That way he gets all my attention and love.I saw many beautiful snakes and many different kinds of lizards. Nick likes the Blue Toung Skinks and he also liked a very small Gecko that was a royal blue color. I also saw a very rare Asian Red tail Green Rat snake. I had one of these snakes and was very excited to see this one as it is the only one, other than my own that I have ever seen. There were so many beautiful Reptiles and amphibians at the show. I showed Puff's pictures to a lot of people and they agreed that he was very beautiful and colorful. The baby Beardies were so cute. It is hard to believe that Puff was ever that small.I want to go again next year! Tonight, Puff ate some cantaloupe melon and 3 crickets. I am so glad he is starting to eat a more healthy diet now. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued............

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No pictures yet

Nick came and worked on my computer today. He told me that his house was broken into and all his computers and cell phones and some other stuff was stolen. That was why I could not reach him . Some of the stuff was covered by insurance but most was not. He just got his lap top and his cell phone replaced. The pictures of Puff in his bath tub were on the stolen phone so they are gone. He did take some more pictures today but he has to email them to me. My Printer is now working but the ink had dried up so I have to get new ink before I can print anything.It will have to wait until next month as I had Wanagi's vet bill to pay off this month.Last night I left the last cricket in Puff's dish but he did not eat it.It was still there this morning when I turned on the lights . A little later,I noticed it was gone and Puff was just chewing it up with a big smile on his face. An early breakfast for him.The Reptile Show is on the 25th of this month and Carla and I are going. Nick wants to go but he has to see what his school schedule is first. I won't have any money to buy anything but I can still see all the reptiles there.Puff is basking on his log now. I am going to feed him soon. He is so cute! Oh, I almost for got! the new picture on the headder of this blog. I just thought is was the greatest picture so I had Nick put it on.Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued............

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puff is eating better now

The weather has cooled off a bit. It has been in the nineties with a lot less humidity.Puff was only eating insects for awhile,but now he ate 5 peas and 3 crickets tonight.I found another internet link about Bearded Dragons and found several more foods on the list to try on Puff. I think he might like blue berries and water melon. There are a few greens on the list that I am going to try also.I am glad the weather has changed as the humidity was very hard on Puff. It was also hard on me and the dogs,cats ect.Any way, I am very relieved that Puff is eating better now.Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued......................