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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The humidity has gotten worse

The humidity has gotten so high in Puff's tank that he is sleeping more. He does not eat when the humidity is really high.I had to tear down his waterfall and replace it with a small water dish.That seemed to help some. In the morning the humidity is not too bad but as the day progresses,the humidity goes up,especially late afternoon.I have had to wake Puff from his long nap on several occasions so he could eat is dinner. He has been only eating 1 or 2 bites of whatever I offer him and maybe 1 or 2 insects.Sometimes I can get him to eat one more bite if I sing to him. Puff is not happy that his waterfall is gone. I caught him trying to sit in the small water dish.Poor Puff! I took him out and gave him a bath. He enjoyed this and I let him soak as long as he wanted to. He gets so dirty when he gets wet and then digs in the dirt.I have discovered that I can wake Puff by singing to him.I really don't know why he likes my singing.I think he may be the only creature on Earth that does. Even I can't stand my singing voice.I went to the store and bought 3 new fans to help keep my house a little cooler. I can't wait until Summer is over! I am sure Puff agrees. Puff The Golden Dragon to be continued..................

Saturday, July 10, 2010


The weather has been so HOT ! Too hot for me and the dogs and cats. The humidity is also up but we have not had any rain.Puff does not seem to mind the weather.I take him out in the morning for his "sun walk" and he loves to watch the world from his perch on my shoulder.He wakes early in the morning and after his outing, he takes a nap on his flat rock or basks on one of his logs. Then he explores his tank and some times takes a dip in the waterfall.He usually naps in his hide the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes he wakes for his dinner and sometimes he just sleeps till morning.There are days that he eats well and days that he only eats very little,or not at all.When he is not eating well,I sing to him and most of the time he will eat 1 or 2 more bites of food.I spend a lot of time petting him and singing to him. Puff loves to hear me sing to him. I think he is the only one! Some times he will not go to sleep at night unless I sing to him.I don't know why he likes to hear my singing,but he does?????? He now eats cantaloupe,canary melon,and honey dew as well as peas, and snow pea pods,apples,bananas,and carrot tops.And of course, his worms and crickets.Right now he is still napping in his hide. He did not eat so well last night. I hope he will eat better to night.I love Puff. How can you not love an animal that loves your bad singing voice? Puff the Golden Dragon, to be continued................................