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Friday, November 27, 2015

It is Brumation time

Lilo has started to brumate. She is in her hide most of the day and will come out to eat some times. sometimes she just sleeps through dinner time. Ryuu sleeps in her hide at night but is awake during the day. She is now 3 years old so she may or may not brumate yet.Eiko is not brumating at all. He will actually be 2 years old in January.So he is still young and may not brumate this year. they all seem fine and Lilo and Ryuu are eating well.Eiko is still being picky about his food. If I hold a piece of salad in front of him,he will eat it but refuses to eat any more than that one piece. He will some times eat 5 - 7 super worms but there are days that he refuses to eat any thing.Lilo and Ryuu are eating all their salads. Eiko makes me worry. What else can I find to feed him that he won't get tired of eating? Lilo,Ryuu and Eiko, the Golden Dragons. To be continued.............