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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Both Dragons seem to really love their birthday gifts

Both of the Dragons seem to really love their Birthday gifts. I see Puff sleeping on his crocodile skull a lot.Some times his whole body is on it and some times he has his chin resting on it.I think he really likes it.Lilo uses her hanging vines for shade and I often find her sleeping under them. I am so glad I picked these items to give them. I will have to get some pictures for the blog.  Puff and Lilo, the Golden Dragons,to be continued.....................

Lilo won first place at the PetsMart costume contest

I decided to take Lilo to the PetsMart costume parade and contest.I would have loved to take Puff also but with his age and his health problems,I decided to leave him home. I did not want to stress him.I had to expand the belts on the wings as Lilo has out grown Puff now. She looked so cute in her Dragon wings.There were mostly dogs and some cats there,but Lilo was the only Bearded Dragon.There were many cute costumes and the second place winner was a St.Bernard dressed as a farmer with a John Deer hat on. It was a real cute costume.Lilo got a certificate and a $10.00 gift card. I don't know what I will buy with it yet. Both Dragons pretty much have every thing they need for now.I guess I will save it until they need something. Both Dragons have won first prizes for something now. It was a lot of fun. Happy Halloween !! I will get some pictures of Lilo in her Dragon Wings and post them soon.  Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.....................

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Puff and Lilo !

We celebrated Puff and Lilo's Birthday today even though it is really tomorrow, because it was a convenient day for every one to be there. We had the party at 2pm in the after noon rather than later and I was right, they were both awake this time.I bought several items at the reptile show yesterday. I got a crocodile skull for Puff to climb on and some hanging plant vines for Lilo to make her house look pretty.I also gave them some pairs and Johnny gave them some red apples and Carla gave them jars of their favorite baby food.We had cake and ice cream and Carla took pictures. We watched the sequel to the How to train your Dragon movie. It was cute.It was a nice party and we all enjoyed it,even the Dragons. I am glad the Dragons did not sleep through it this time.  Getting back to the Reptile Show, There were so many beautiful snakes and lizards ! I was disappointed at the Bearded Dragons. There were very few adult Beardies and there were no spectacular colors. Most of the babies were either Leather backs or Silkies and they also were somewhat lacking in color. I prefer my dragons with spikes!I met Johnny and Nick at the front entrance and then we entered. There was so much to see. Shaman, my guide dog and Lady, Johny's service dog did great at the show. There was a beautiful albino alligator named Powder.I met the man who painted the picture of the Bearded Dragons that are on the T-shirt I was wearing! I talked to so many people and got to hold a beautiful Pied Ball Python.I did not see any Frilled Dragons this year.I did see some Green Asian Rat snakes like the one I used to have. There were some Mexican Beaded lizards and several Gila Monsters.Several different types of Alligators. Many beautiful geckos and lots of Skinks.I really like the Blue Toung Skinks.Lots of Monitors and Tegus. I also saw the most beautiful Black Tree Monitor lizards.There were some very large adults and some babies.They were gorgeous!   Happy Birthday my Beautiful Dragons!!!!        Puff and Lilo, the Golden Dragons,to be continued.........................