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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Puff and Lilo

We had the Birthday party for the Dragons on Sunday.Carla took lots of pictures. We dressed puff and Lilo in their Halloween costumes. Puff was a Winged Dragon and lilo was the Alien Pumpkin Queen of Halloween. They were so cute! Of course, Puff slept through most of the party but Lilo was wide awake.We opened their presents for them and I got Puff a new large water dish, and I got Lilo a large leaf plant,fake of course.Johnny and Carla got them some  infra red night bulbs,to keep them warm on those cold winter nights. It gets kind of cold in my house in the winter so they need these lights then.The cake was beautiful and I made a wish  for the Dragons and blew out the 2 candles. We, all the humans that is, enjoyed cake and ice cream. it was a very enjoyable day! Puff is officially 15 as Dr. J thinks he is 15 years old. Lilo is now 10. Both Dragons are doing well despite their ages. As soon as every one left the party, of course Puff awoke and was active for most of the afternoon. They both took a nap and were awake for dinner time. It was a good party and we all enjoyed it.There is one picture of Flathead, one of my old kitties.This was the last picture I have of her. Sadly,she passed away several days after this picture was taken.Flathead was 15 years old.........My other cat, Pacman, is still hangin' in there as he is now 18 years old. The cats have never bothered the lizards and Flathead always loved to watch them.Love my kitties and  love my Dragons!  Puff and Lilo, the Golden Dragons,  to be continued..................

The Reptile show was wonderful

Both Johnny and I went to the Reptile Show on Saturday with our service dogs. Both dogs were good and seemed to enjoy the outing and all the animals.We saw many beautiful snakes and so many beautiful lizards.There were 2 Frilled Dragons. One was smaller than the other and was marked $200 and the larger one was $300.I wish I had more room in my house for a Frilled Dragon.I also wish I had the money. I saw lots of beautiful Bearded Dragons and saw some beautiful lucistic beardie babies.I think my next Dragon will be a lucistic, meaning it is white but not albino.I hope it will be a long time before I consider a new dragon as I hope Puff will live for many years to come! We saw many different kinds of geckos and monitors and Tegus and many different kinds of Iguanas.  I bought Puff and Lilo's birthday presents there.I bought a large leaf plant (fake) for Lilo as she likes to lay in the shade and the leaves of this plant would provide that for her. I bought Puff a new water dish. It is a lot larger than the one he had. Now he can soak in it without his tail hanging out.Johnny bought me a sign that says Bearded Dragon Crossing, with a picture of a Bearded Dragon on it.It is now hanging above the Dragons tanks.Lilo is resting in the shade of the leaves of her new plant. Puff has not discovered his new water dish yet.I will have to get some pictures.  to be continued...............