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Friday, April 25, 2014

Pictures of Oz,now known as Ryuu

I think he is a red/orange tigar.He is very pretty when he colors up.

I took Puff for a sun walk today

  Now that the weather is warm, I have started to take the Dragons out for sun walks. Today I took Puff out.  His color was magnificent in the sun light! The yellow/orange was so bright. I haven't seen Puff's color that bright in a very long time. I have started giving the Dragons the alfalfa greens. Puff will eat it if I put it in his mouth,but Lilo does not seem to like it. In fact she is not eating her greens  at all right now.She is eating crickets though. None of the Dragons are drinking at all,which worries me. I have been making sure to mist them twice a day and to let them soak every other day. Puff and Oz do some times soak in their water dishes during the day but Lilo does not,so I am soaking her every day at this point.I made a tea out of the alfalfa greens last night and when it had cooled, gave each dragon a chance to drink from the pipette but Puff was the only one to even taste it,although he did not really drink much of it.I guess it is too soon to tell if the alfalfa is making a difference with Puff. I hope it will help him. He really enjoyed his sun walk today.Tomorrow I will take Lilo out and the next day I will take Oz. I love my Beautiful Dragons. The Golden Dragons, to be continued...................

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wizard of OZ

I just can't seem to remember to call Oscar by the name of Phoenix. He knows his name is Oscar and he responds to it so I have decided to call him OZ as it is close to Oscar.I can certainly see why they named him Oscar though.He reminds me of Oscar Madison in the "Odd Couple". He is so messy!I thought that Lilo was messy, making mud pies in her water dish.He not only makes mud pies in the water dish,but his whole tank is a mess!I do not like this walnut substrate at all and it's supposed to be very toxic when wet.I think I will use the same  clay stuff as I used in Puff's tank.I will have to wait until next month though as I don't have the money now.Tomorrow I will put the coconut fiber in his tank as at least it's not toxic.It also makes good mud pies.Oz is doing well. He has eaten greens last night and tonight.He also ate quite a few crickets. I have been calling him OZ and he does respond to it. So....I guess I have my very own Wizard of OZ.Puff is starting to slow down. I am not sure weather it is the congestive heart failure or the hot weather.He is still eating well though. Lilo is also doing very well.  I love all my Dragons.  Puff and Lilo and OZ,  The Golden Dragons to be continued................

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Dragon

I have been looking for another Dragon and put an add on Craig's List a while ago.On Sunday,a young girl called me and said she had a dragon that she had to re home as where her family was moving ,the home owners association  prohibits any kind of reptiles.I had spent a lot of money on Puff"s last vet visit as he had blood work done,so I did not really have money to buy a new Dragon and all the equipment that would be needed.I also had not really planed to get a new Dragon until Puff had passed on.All I could afford was $68.00.She agreed to sell the dragon and his tank for that amount. I felt bad for her as she was loosing her pet, but was glad to get a beautiful young Dragon,1 and 1/2 years and the tank for that amount.It was a very good deal.I made sure it was OK with her parents.His name is Oscar,and he has a lot of red and dark color on him. When he is faded out,he looks a lot like Puff. When his color comes in, his red is like Lilo's color. He even has the same white tips on his spikes that Lilo has. So....I now have 3 Dragons. I am thinking of changing his name as when I was a kid,we had a cat named Oscar, that was run over by a car. When I say the name Oscar,I think of that poor cat.Since my friend drove me to Phoenix to pick him up,I think I will call him Phoenix.He is being quarantined for now in a different room from Puff and Lilo.I will take him to Dr.J for a check up before he is moved into the same room as my other Dragons.I will get some pictures of him soon. Puff and Lilo and Oscar, aka Phoenix, The Golden Dragons, to be continued..................