The image in the header is not an image of Puff.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pictures coming soon

I do have some new pictures and will post them as soon as I have time.Check back on Feb,19 to see the pictures as that is where I put them.

Long time no post !

I have not posted in some time as I have been very busy. Puff is doing well. He is usually awake by 8:00 am. He is eating well and has been active most mornings. About noon, he usually takes a nap. He wakes in time for feeding.I think his eye sight is getting worse as when he ties to get the crickets,he misses them. I have been placing the food in the side of his mouth and he eats much more easily.This takes longer but at least he is eating well.I have been taking him for sun walks as he really enjoys this.I have been bathing him more often as the vet said he will absorb water through his skin.I do give him water with the pipette,but he does not always swallow it.He really needs to drink more water.I have taken him to Petsmart and Petco several times now. People seem to think he is not real as they approach me and ask"is that alive?" He just sits on my shoulder and chills out. I think Puff enjoys these outings. Next month,Petco is having a Reptile Rally. There will be a Bearded Dragon meet and greet and a reptile beauty contest among other events. I am going to take Puff. I would enjoy meeting other Beardie keepers.I am not sure that Puff would enjoy meeting other Beardies but we shall see.Any way it sounds like fun. Puff The Golden Dragon, to be continued..................