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Monday, December 27, 2010

Puff was awake Christmas morning

I was surprised to see that Puff was awake Christmas morning. I showed him the sweet potato that "Santa" brought him and he seemed interested. I also put the new UVB light on his tank. I did not have time to bake the sweet potato but I gave him some crickets which he ate. I then headed out to my neighbor's house and gave the kids a DVD of How to Train Your Dragon.I came home with some tamales, some home made soup and some Deer meat. Yum! Then it was off to Carla's house for dinner. Dinner was great and I ate too much! Carla gave Puff a snowman picture frame with his picture in it. Real cute!She gave me a calender and 2 framed pictures of Puff which will hang above his tank.She also gave me a framed picture of all of her dogs.It was amazing that the photographer was able to get all of them together in one shot. It is a great picture!On the day after Christmas,I noticed that Puff had a twitch in his right hind foot.I thought it might be a lack of UVB light as he has been sleeping in his hide for days at a time during brumation and not getting enough light.I gave him a bath in warm water which he enjoyed. I dusted his melon as well as his crickets with extra calcium and vitamin D3and put both UVB lights over him on his basking log.He slept on his log all day so he got a lot of the light he needs. I kept checking on him and the twitching slowed down by night.By Monday there was no twitching at all.I did call the vet and he said to make sure he has more UVB light even if I have to drag him out of the hide to do it. I am going to make an appointment with the vet soon to get him his yearly check up.I am so glad that Puff is better already.No permanent damage! Puff the Golden Dragon,to be continued..............

Friday, December 24, 2010

A very few words from Puff

Baah, humbug, I'm so sleepy. All I want to do is go to sleep. I know it's Christmas but I just can't stay awake.YAWN, Maybe I will be in a better mood when I wake up. YAWN, YAWN, I guess I'll say Merry Chris..................SNORE.......Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued..........

Merry Cristmas Puff

Puff has been sleeping the days away and waking to eat every few days. He is not eating a lot but he does eat. I miss him when he is sleeping, but I know it is healthier for him to go through Brumation.I want him to have a healthy ,long life. He did wake up today after sleeping for 2 days and nights.He ate 3 crickets. I sang him some Christmas songs and he seemed to enjoy them. I bought him another UVB light for Christmas, so now he will have UVB light at both ends of his tank. He still has his basking light at one end. I currently have his heat light on and he is basking under it now. He will probably sleep through Christmas so I will offer him some of the sweet potato that I got for him when he wakes. I decorated Puff's tank with all sorts of Christmas stickers, as well as a small stocking, and it looks really nice. Carla is going to take some pictures of it so I will post them on the blog soon. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued..............