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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The dogs got hold of the bag of super worms

My friend Johnny picked up the crickets and super worms for the Dragons this morning. He was talking to me about his dog court case, so I brought the bugs and worms in the house and put them up so the dogs could not reach them,so I thought..........I went back out side to continue the conversation and then Johnny left and I came back in to put the crickets and worms in their containers. The worms were missing! I searched the house, muttering at the dogs and  and finally found them in one of the dog crates.The bag had been torn open and some of the worms had escaped.I had quite a time rounding up all the escapees.I hope I got them all as they turn into black beetles when they morph.I don't need any more bugs running around my house. There are already enough cricket escapees running loose in my house.I HATE BUGS!!The last worms I picked up, I tossed in to the Dragons and they scarfed them up.I don't know which dog did the deed but I won't leave the crickets and worms in the living room again unattended.I will put them in the kitchen with the door shut so no dogs will be able to get them, if I can't put them in their containers right away. I love my Dragons,Lilo,Ryuu, and Eiko.  The Golden Dragons, to be continued................