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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puff has a liver problem

I got the results of Puff's blood work a while ago but have not had a chance to update . Puff's liver is not working properly and that is what is causing his lymphatic system to leak fluid,causing the swelling of his arm and under the arm.Dr. Jarchow said that it is not critical at this time but it is an age related problem. My poor Puff ! Dr. J said that I need to make sure that Puff eats more protein (insects) in his diet.Puff usually eats only about 4 or 5 crickets at one meal. I am forcing him to eat more now. I have gotten him to eat up to 8 or 9 crickets. He does not really want any super worms.The swelling is still visible,but I think it has gone down a little bit.Puff must be feeling better as he is much more active these days.I worry about Puff as I don't know how much longer he will live.I try not to worry but I know he is old. Up until this problem surfaced, he was very healthy for his age.I am glad I have Lilo.If I should loose Puff,at least I will still have her to love.I am really hoping that Puff recovers from this problem.I love him so much. I love both of them very much.Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.........................

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Puff saw the vet today

Dr.Jarchow checked out Puff's swollen arm and the swelling under his arm.He said it was a lymphatic problem and recommended doing some blood work.He said that Puff was not in any pain but reminded me that Puff is really quite old so this might be an age related problem. I will have to wait for the results to come back and of course it will take longer because of the holiday.He said he would call me when it came in and he would discuss a course of treatment then. My poor Puff.....I love him so much and I hate that he may be sick. Lilo is still doing very well and I am so glad to have her as I don't know how much time Puff has left. I try not to think about this but it is hard not to.This will be a very hard month as this vet visit cost me $221.00.I love Puff and would have found a way to pay more if I had to.   Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued................

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I found a swelling under Puff's arm

The other day I found a swelling under Puff's arm. The arm also seems to be swollen. I have to call and make an appointment to see the vet on Monday. I hope I can get in soon. I am very worried about Puff. Lilo seems to be doing fine.    Puff and Lilo,the Golden Dragons,to be continued..................