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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

This years Christmas was a good one,but I still miss Puff alot.I especially miss him at feeding time.I still sing to the Dragons,but I miss singing Puff's special songs and I just can't bring myself to play his CD of Opera, that he loved so much. New Years was a quiet one here. I just watched TV,and I made it all the way to midnight.The Dragons of course were sleeping by that time.Lilo is still in brumation. On the warmer days,she does wake up to eat, but sleeps through the colder days.Ryuu and Eiko are still bobbing and waving at each other and I love watching them.    Lilo,Ryuu and Eiko,the Golden Dragons,to be continued.................P.S. Eiko is now 1year old.He has grown so much since I first got him. I need to get him a bigger "glass house" to live in.