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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A few words from Puff on the lazy days of Summer

Hi guys,Puff here. I just love Summer! My mom takes me outside every day to see the world. I really enjoy these outings.Of course when I get back into my glass house, I am so tired I must take a nap. Some times I sleep right through my dinner time and this worries my mom. If I have eaten really well the day before,she will let me sleep until morning. But,If I did not eat well,she will wake me up to feed me.Sometimes I am grouchy! It takes me a while to wake up and be ready to eat. Some times I don't eat enough and mom worries that I must not be feeling well. She worries about me so much.I know she loves me. I love it when she sings to me. Sometimes I will eat one more bite of food for mom if she sings to me when I am eating.She has been finding new foods for me to try. She found this really yummy canary melon. I really like it, but my favorite is still cantaloupe melon.Sometimes I just don't like what she tries to feed me,and I will refuse to eat it.Mom tells me that I need to eat more different things that are healthy for me. I guess I am just "PICKY!" This worries my mom.I will never turn down a fat juicy worm or a cricket.When I get too hot in my glass house, I will take a dip in the waterfall dish. I love my waterfall. Mom always knows what I like and she built this waterfall just for me.I love my mom! I am the luckiest Dragon to have my mom! She takes such good care of me. Puff The Golden Dragon, to be continued......................