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Monday, June 2, 2014

I could not get any wild life people to turn the toad loose

I spent the entire day, Sunday on the Internet and on the phone trying to get some one to come and get this Toad and turn it loose away from the dogs.I don't know why people put their names on the Internet saying they provide wild life rescue or relocation if they don't want to do the job.I would have gladly done it my self,but being legally blind, I can not drive.I finally asked my friend Johnny if he would release the Toad for me and he said he would. He took it in the car,still in the cat carrier and turned it loose at dusk in some shrubbery well away from any dogs.I thank you Johnny, and I am sure the Toad thanks you also. Puff and Lilo and Ryuu shared some of their crickets with the toad so it would not have to go hungry for the night it spent in side my house.The Toad is now safe and so are the dogs.I hope that no more Toads come out into my yard, but the minute I hear the dogs barking at night,I will have to go check it out just in case.To be continued...............

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monster Toad !

I had just finished feeding the dragons when I heard all this commotion out side. The dogs were running around barking at something.I went out to see what they were barking at but could not see any thing. Of course I have several flash lights but no batteries. I went back in the house and got my white cane and decided to poke around  out side the gate. Then I saw it!A huge toad! I was not sure what kind it was but looked it up on the Internet later.I suspected it was a Colorado River Toad. I have never seen one here,but I didn't want the dogs to get it and I didn't want to see it get hurt so I grabbed a cat carrier off the porch and herded it with my cane into the carrier.The poor thing looked so scared. I brought the carrier in the house and put it in the other room where Ryuu is set up for her quarantine.They are supposed to eat any thing that moves so I gave it a couple of crickets. It did not eat them so I left it alone and covered the carrier with some news paper so it could calm down . At least it is safe and so are the dogs for now.I will call wild life removal tomorrow.I hope they will let it out some where so no other dogs can get at it.I seem to be doing a lot of rescuing these days.  To be continued...............