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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Puff enjoys opera singing !

It has been so warm that I have been taking Puff out for sun walks. He greatly enjoys this. He has been eating well and is becoming more active now that the weather has changed.I have been singing to Puff a lot and he really enjoys this also.If he is sleeping and I want to wake him, all I have to do is sing to him. He will open his eyes and look up at me.Some times he will come up to the glass side of his tank and try to climb up to me. I just put my hand in and he climbs right up on my hand.I have discovered that Puff likes opera singing.The other day, there was a woman on the TV singing opera and Puff looked up and went to the corner of his tank , by the waterfall and climbed up to watch and listen to the woman who was singing. When she stopped singing,Puff climbed down and went over to his basking log,climbed up on it and went to sleep.Singing seems excite him as his breaths are more visible,he looks up and looks around for the source of the singing. He is so cute!!!! Puff the Golden Dragon,to be continued.............