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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting the "Dragon's Lair" ready

I have now gotten most of the things I need for my Dragon. I am still looking for the correct UVB light.I still need to get the timer for the lights . I got the temperature and humidity measuring devices and am cleaning up some of the reptile feeding and water dishes I already had. Cleaning the 55 gallon tank has proved a lot harder than I anticipated. It was set up as a waterfall tank for my Guppies for so long that the hard water deposits are very difficult to remove. My friend Nick came over and helped me move the tank out side for cleaning. We set it on a blanket so that there would be no chance of breakage. I used CLR to try and remove the deposits, but it did not work. Even letting it soak in the CLR for several hours did not remove it. We rinsed the tank well and brought it back in the house. I have since tried soaking it in white vinegar and using a paint scraper to scrape off the calcium deposits.This worked better than the CLR. Why does it always work in seconds on TV? It is still not clear though. I will have to buy several bottles of vinegar and keep trying. If I cant get it clear, I will set it up for my Dragon anyway and use it until I can afford to buy a new tank. It is clear on the bottom and all clear on the left side. The deposits are on the top right side where the filter was. The Golden Dragon, to be continued..................

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have a Dragon !

I have always had a special fascination with Dragons. I have always wanted one. I, like most people thought that dragons were just creatures of myth. Imagine, What my thoughts were when I found out that real dragons do exist ! I decided I had to have one. The last time I went to the 4th avenue street fair, there was a woman that had an Iguana with her. She asked If I wanted to hold him. What a silly question, of course I wanted to! He was so beautiful. Large,green and orange. I wanted one.I could live with a green Dragon,or perhaps a frilled Dragon. But being practical, I thought it might be years before I could afford to buy one and then there is the whole setup and the upkeep. I thought I could not afford to have one now. There is also the space that a large setup needed for an Iguana or a frilled Dragon would take up, and my house is already crowded with dog crates and fish tanks ect. I would have to settle for a smaller animal. I bought a book about lizards and did more research on the internet. Finally I decided that a Bearded Dragon fit the bill. I got all the information I could get my hands on and was excited to find that Beardies come in so many different colors,including bright red and purple! I also found out that the prices for those colors are quite steep. While searching the internet, I came across D and D reptile rescue. Up for adoption was an orange flame Bearded Dragon! I set up an appointment to go see this dragon. I fell in love and have now adopted him! He will stay with the rescue until I have all the things I need to take care of him. I have already gotten most of the stuff but I have to budget for the rest of it. I am so excited! I have my Dragon!The Golden Dragon, to be continued........