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Friday, October 15, 2010

A few words from Puff on Birthdays

Hi folks,Puff here. I had a Birthday recently and boy! was it fun. My Mom and Auntie Carla gave me presents and a birthday cake!I love the cantaloupe melon that Auntie Carla gave me. I am a Dragon of discriminating taste. I can tell when a melon is organic because they taste so much better than non-organic melons. The one that Auntie Carla gave me is so juicy and good. I wanted to eat it before the wrapping paper was off,it smelled so good. Mom and Auntie Carla gave me Birthday cards that were so cute.I did not eat any of my cake as this sort of stuff is not really good for Dragons, but I watched Mom and Auntie Carla enjoy it. When they lit the candle and sang "Happy Birthday" to me,it was quite wonderful.At one point,I ended up with cake icing on my tail.I was just so excited with every thing going on that I got my tail in the way. I love the dish that my Mom gave me.My crickets and worms seem to taste better when served in it. It has hearts on it and when I am done eating my diner,I like to sleep in it! Mom says I look uncomfortable when I sleep in my dish but I'm not really uncomfortable.I think I like Birthdays! I hope I have more of them! My glass house has been decorated with Pumpkins and other Halloween stuff and I love it. It even says Happy Birthday Puff on it. My Mom is so good to me.Auntie Carla took a lot of pictures of me at my Birthday Party. It was a wonderful Birthday!!! Thanks Mom and Auntie Carla. When is the next one? I can't wait. Yes, I love Birthdays. Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued...............

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Puff !!!!

Well, it's official, I adopted Puff exactly 1 year ago today.I decided that I would celebrate his birthday on the day I adopted him as I don't know when his real birthday is. He was 4 years old when I got him so today he is 5 years old. Oh,I forgot to mention that Puff ate sweet potato yesterday. I have been feeding him in the morning now as Puff has decided that is when he is hungry. Any way, Puff had a birthday party this afternoon. Carla gave him a cantaloupe melon and she wrapped it in birthday paper and she gave him the cutest card that had a dinosaur on it. I gave Puff a new dish to put the worms and crickets in when I feed him. It has hearts on it and it's real cute. I also gave him a card with a Dragon on it that was also cute.I cooked diner and we had Baked Penne pasta. It was yummy.Puff had already been fed this morning. Then I brought out the cake.It was very pretty and had a candle that was the number 5. I lit the candle and I made a wish for Puff while he watched intently.Of course,I wished that he would have many more birthdays to come. I blew out the candle and when Puff turned around he got icing on his tail! I think he enjoyed his birthday party. We even sang "Happy Birthday" to Puff. Carla took many pictures and I am going to put them here on the blog soon.I decorated his tank with pumpkins and bats candy corn and other Halloween stuff and then put the letters on that said "Happy Birthday Puff". It looks so cute! I just love my beautiful Puff. He is so special and so very precious! Happy Birthday Puff,and many more in the future! Puff The Golden Dragon,to be continued..........