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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Eiko is still not eating

I am still having to force feed Eiko. He shows no interest in eating at all. He does seem more active though.Once in the last month,he did eat 1 worm on his own. I keep hoping that he will just start eating on his own again.. My girls have slowed down on their eating.They have also been less active and are sleeping most of the day. It has been cooler lately. I know Brumation takes place when the light is less, but could it also be from the weather cooling down? I think the girls are in a semi-brumation state now. They have not brumated all winter,except for in the very beginning when we actually had cold weather. That is when Lilo was in a semi-brumation state. Ryuu was still active at that time. Eiko was also active then, befor he came down with Hepatitis.This is the first winter since I have had Lilo, that she did not go through a full brumation. Each night, my girls wake up and go and sit on there flat rocks and wait for there dinner. Eiko, on the other hand,is either in his hide taking a nap or courting his girls. He has no interest in eating. I think Eiko is getting better because he is more active and is not spending much time in his hide,except for an occasional nap in the afternoon.Eiko has not brumated since I have had him. I wonder if maybe he will next year? He will be 2 years old then. Any way, his hormones are raging now and he is actively courting both girls, but he has a definite preference for Ryuu. I guess because, she is so much younger that Lilo. I love my beautiful Dragons,Lilo, Ryuu and Eiko. I still miss Puff, RIP. The Golden Dragons, to be continued...............

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