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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eiko has fully recovered!

Eiko has fully recovered from his bout with Hepatitis. He is eating on his own and he is ravenous! At first, I only gave him 3-5 worms as he was not used to having more than 1 or 2 forced fed worms.Now he is eating 6-10 worms a day. He would eat more if I let him but I don't want him to get too fat which could cause more health issues for him. About twice a month, I don't feed the Dragons as they don't eat every day in the wild. Also, I don't feed them the same amount all the time. They don't get to eat the same amount of bugs in the wild either so I feed less on some days and more on other days.They don't seem to mind that system. I have also noticed that they are actually drinking more water since I just leave the water sit out for a few days and let the chemicals dissipate from it. I have stopped using the blue stuff that I used to put in the water to get rid of the chemicals. Dr. J said that this would be better for them and I guess he is right as they are drinking more. All my Dragons seem to be doing well and they seem to be happy. I love my Dragons,Lilo,Ryuu, and Eiko.   To be continued............

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