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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I now have 3 ADV positive Dragons

It's been a while since my last post,but I have been busy with all my animals and training my Dutch Shepherd to be my next guide dog. Training a guide dog is very time consuming but I enjoy the training and the dog seems to also. Well, back to Smaug. He tested positive also, so now I have 3 positive dragons to care for. All are healthy at this point. Smaug and Tatsu are such good eaters and dive into their greens and eat every leaf. Ryuu is off greens for now,but she is eating super worms and crickets on her own with out me having to open her mouth and put the food in. She is very happy living next to Tatsu and they are constantly interacting with each other through the "window of love",which is the walls of their glass tanks,end to end. They are very entertaining to watch. Smaug is growing like a weed. He is not so little any more. He likes to be petted but is still no to comfortable with me picking him up. I am taking it slow and he is getting better about it. He likes to sit in his hide and watch the worms come out and eat during the day. I keep the worm container next to the end of his tank for convenience and he loves watching them. He is such a good eater and has been healthy so that is good. I hope I can keep him healthy,because he is so young.But all of my Dragons are healthy at this time and I will do all I can to keep them healthy and happy. I love my Dragons,Ryuu, Tatsu and Smaug, to be continued...............

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