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Monday, February 13, 2017

Smaug has arrived

I picked out a beautiful 5 month old Dragon.He will not be a solid Citrus color but will be a patterned Citrus. He is also a leatherback like Tatsu. He is so CUTE!!! His spikes are already yellow and he has circular spots on his back which at this time are tan,but they are surrounded by a yellow outer circle. Also he has an intermittent yellow stripe down his back. He was shipped from Connecticut,but got stuck in Tennessee,because of an ice storm. I was so worried for him. He did arrive a day late but was OK. When I unpacked the shipping box and opened the bag he was in, he looked up at me as if to say, "Hi There". Poor little thing was so cold. I held him close to me while I got his warm bath ready for him. He soaked for about 20 minuets and was warm when I put him in his 60 gal  tank. About an hour or so later,I fed him and he ate well. I did not handle him the first 4 days,but I am picking him up and letting him just sit in my hand in the tank. He does allow me to pet him and seems to enjoy it. I am taking it slow with him so he does not get frightened. He is responding to his name now and does not seem to be bothered by the dogs when they bark. He watches every thing intently. He likes it when I talk to him or when I sing to him. He listens intently ,even though I know he doesn't understand what I am saying.When I look at Ryuu and Tatsu now, they look huge to me as he is so small. He has grown since I got him. I just love him. I can see his personality already blooming. He is going to be quite the clown.   I love my beautiful Dragons! To be continued..........

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