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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Tragedy has struck my Dragons. It has been a while since I last posted but I just could not bring myself to write about this tragedy. Eiko came down with another bout of Hepatitis again. I took him to see Dr. J and it was very clear that Eiko did have the Adenovirus. I took him home with medications and special food, but he died the next day. He just couldn't fight it off this time. Eiko would have been 2 years old,this coming January.A week later, I found Lilo dead when I went to feed her. Dr.J said he was not sure if it was the same virus that killed Eiko or if it was her age. She was 12 years old.I have had them both cremated and have their ashes. This is such a sad time. Ryuu is the only Dragon I have left now. I hope she does not die. I am going to get her tested so I will know for sure if she has the Adenovirus or not. Ryuu is so lonely. She just sits on her log all day and looks into Eiko's empty tank,waiting for him to return.She looks so sad. It will be quite a while before I can bring in another Dragon. I have to disinfect the empty tanks and all the tank decorations with Clorox and then let them sit out in the sun for a while. I don't know if Eiko's tank will ever get properly disinfected because it has permanent rocks and lots of crevasses  that the Clorox can not reach.  I just hope that Ryuu will be spared this tragedy and I will have her for many years more,happy and healthy. Ryuu, I love you my precious Dragon. Rest in peace Puff and Eiko and Lilo.You were all very precious to me.  I hope this blog will continue...................

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