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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bad News

I took Ryuu to see Dr. J for a checkup and to get her tested for the Adenovirus . So far she seems to be OK. Well, the other morning I got the call from Dr. J. The news was not good. Ryuu is positive for the virus. That means I can not bring in a new male for her. Dr. J said I could bring in another positive male, but if it got sick and died, I just don't want to go through all that again. It is so hard when you fall in love with them and you loose them. I did some research on the internet and found a lot of good information. There are actually some supplements and remedies that can be given to ADV positive dragons. One woman has a positive male that was tested positive at 2 years old and is now 10 years old. So there is hope for Ryuu. These are the things I have to get for Ryuu. Bee pollen, Coloidal silver, Serrapeptase, and probiotics. Hopefully, this will help keep her symptom free. The woman who has this positive male has tested all the dragons in her breeding program and they are all negative for ADV. She keeps her positive male separated from the other dragons. She is a Canadian breeder. Northern Dragons.I wish more breeders would test their breeding stock. Their would be less heart break for the people who bought dragons and had them die. This virus could be eradicated, if every breeder would test.  If breeders continue to breed without testing, this virus could wipe out all the Bearded Dragons in this country. (This virus has also been found in Bearded Dragons in their native country, Australia )  I think it should be mandatory to test. There is a breeder that advertizes on the internet to sell their Bearded Dragons and there is a disclaimer on their web page that says they do not test for the Adenovirus. That makes me think that they have had problems with the virus in the past and have chosen not to test the rest of their breeding stock. How can they in good consience, sell their Dragons to unsuspecting people? I will never buy from them, now that I know about this virus. I will ask any breeder that I would consider buying a Dragon from, if they test. If they do not test, I will not buy from them. Dog and cat breeders often spend thousands of dollars to test their dogs and cats for various diseases and conditions. They are the reputable breeders. When I bred my show cats, I always tested for Herpes, feline Leukiemia, Feline Imunosuficency Disease ( Feline Aids) and several eye diseases. Some of these big breeders that have so many breeding Dragons that they keep them in ware houses, can certainly afford to test.The ones that have farms and keep their Dragons in out side enclosures, like the one in Arizona,well they could certainly afford to test. If any of these breeders do test, they need to say so on their web pages so people know that it is safe to buy from them. Well, I will get off my soap box for now, but I won't stop trying to get breeders to test.  Ryuu, my precsious Dragon, I love you and I hope I can keep you healthy for a long time.  The Golden Dragon, to be continued..............

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