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Saturday, September 3, 2016

I have a new Dragon!

I have been looking for a new male Dragon for Ryuu for months now. I tried craig's list but was not successful there. I tried several breeders in and out of state but they only had babies for sale.(Most breeders don't test for ADV) Then I found a breeder in Connecticut, Here be Dragons. They had several adult males for sale. I picked one and he is a deep orange. He is a Leatherback. I would have prefered to get a normal spiked Dragon ,but they only had leatherback  adults so I made the decision to get this one. I was lucky enough to find some one who would sell me an adult male. He is quite beautiful. He does have one row of spikes on his sides but none on his body. I am sure Ryuu will fall in love with him. She will be happy again. She will not get to see him until his quarantine is over and he is cleared by Dr. J. Of course he will be tested for ADV. If he is positive, He will be given the same supplements that Ryuu is getting to support her immune system and he would also get the colloidal silver. If he is negative, all precautions will be taken to see that he does not get the virus Ryuu is eating a little better now. Eiko's tank has been moved out and another tank in it's place for the new male.She can not see into this tank as I have it blocked off with cardboard. The new male will go into a tank in the back room for quarantine.Each Dragon will have their own food, food utensils,bowls, towels, ect. Nothing will be shared.No chance to spread the virus.My hands will be washed and disinfected before and after handling each Dragon. Towels and aprons will be washed after each use. I am determined that both Dragons will live long, healthy and happy lives.Now I just have to find a name for the new male. The Japanese have many words meaning Dragon and Dragon related words. Since Ryuu means Dragon Spirit and is the name of my female, I will choose another Japanese name meaning Dragon for him.I just have to pick one I like. I can't wait to get him. He will be shipped over night from Connecticut to Arizona.   Ryuu, soon you will have a new love and you will be happy again.   The Golden Dragons, to be continued............

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