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Monday, November 14, 2016

I have named my new Dragon Tatsu

It has been some time since I last posted. I have named my new Dragon Tatsu which means Dragon in Japanese. He is now out of quarantine and living in the tank next to Ryuu. I did have him tested and and he is positive for ADV. I would have never guessed it because he is so active and is a good eater, but his test came back positive. He did get sick with an esophageal infection,which was attributed to the stress of shipping and new environment, by Dr. J.  He was treated and has recovered from that. I had to give him injections of antibiotic. He was very good for me and did not object at all. Tatsu is a very sweet Dragon and he is a very pretty orange color. He is in love with Ryuu and she is in love with him. She is back to eating on her own now. I have cut back on her supplements as she is doing so well.  Since Tatsu got sick while under warranty, the vet bill will be taken care of by his breeder. I am also thinking of getting another Citrus Dragon and the breeder said he would give me a good deal on one if that is what I want. Since most Breeders do not test for ADV,I could get another positive Dragon from any of them. I have decided to just stick with this breeder as he has been honest and is willing to reimburse Tatsu's vet bill or give me a deal on another Dragon. I like his Dragons as the are beautiful and have wonderful personalities. Even though Tatsu is Positive for ADV, he is healthy. He is a carrier as is Ryuu. I really want another citrus Dragon so, I think I will go with the deal. The new one will be tested also and if he is not positive, He will remain in the quarantine room,rather than be in the living room with Ryuu and Tatsu. I truly hope this one will be negative but if he is positive, I will just continue to keep each Dragon separate and all their equipment and supplements,food and any thing else will also be kept separate. I have a name for him already. His name will be Smaug after the Dragon in the Hobbit. Smaug will be a very young Dragon as the breeder does not have any adult citrus dragons. This will be my first real baby dragon so I must keep him separate from the others as his immune system will not be as good as an adult's immune system. I will not be getting him until after Christmas some time. I am going to make an appointment with Dr. J  for Ryuu as I want to get her checked. She is doing very well now but I want to make sure that she is OK.   I love my Dragons Ryuu and Tatsu.  The Golden Dragons, to be continued...........

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